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a shirt that looks good untucked; a medieval device for contemporary times that allows people to stretch their backs hanging from the ceiling of their own homes; a pillow that won’t go flat, stays cool and offers great neck support. These are just some passions of Main Street citizens who rise above the rest of us with their innovative industriousness.
The American Entrepreneur, the Small Businessman is the greatest person who ever lived. He is eternally wise and should make all of our decisions as a nation. What breadth of imagination, what moral courage! They have met a payroll, and know how to sell.
I thank God that the values of these giants are so influential in the decisions and political discourse of our country.
If only Abraham Lincoln, FDR, Winston Churchill, Martin Luther King, Jr., Nelson Mandela and Susan B. Anthony knew how to look good in a fucking untucked shirt.
The epitome of human development is knowing how to come up with a trivial idea, sell the shit out of it and leverage the endeavor into significant wealth.
To expose these shallow, destructive, arrogant mediocrities who have turned our public debate into an infomercial, our interactions with our government into a hellish customer service call, our democracy into a marketing strategy and our public finances into a Ponzi scheme — while looking great in an untucked shirt is my passion.
There’s nothing wrong with mediocrity as long as it stays in its lane. I like a good pillow as much as the next guy. But if business people want to lead in more important areas of life, they have to learn a lot more, and develop their character to a greater degree, or they should stay home.
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